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Little Crittenden

A long, slender, thin and narrow leafed tobacco used for chewing, pipe and cigar. It has a semi-erect growth habit with long leaves that have considerable crinkle and fairly coarse texture. A fine tobacco for the novice, easy to grow. 

Little Crittenden is typically an air-cured variety but also performs well as a fire-cured variety. It has medium-to-late maturity.

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Madole Tobacco
Madole Tobacco

Madole is an heirloom dark tobacco with a rich full flavor. It’s often fire cured for use as a pipe or cigar tobacco. Its deep colored green leaves air cure to a dark brown. It grows 5 feet in height and matures early in 55-60 days.

One of the more popular dark tobacco varieties grown.

Burley Variation

picnotavailableA variation of the popular common Burley, this variety is a large plant. A fine commercial strain that is used for its hardiness and smooth flavor.

A fine tobacco plant for the beginner. Air-cures easy.

Monte Calme Yellow

Monte Calme Yellow Tobacco
Monte Calme Yellow Tobacco

A favorite European variety that features wide, thin leaves that are much preferred for cigarettes and as cigar wrappers. Grows up to about 6 ft. tall, producing a large crop.

Believed to be of Cuban decent, this tobacco produces a taste not dissimilar to Gitanes.

Blue Tree Glaucia

picnotavailableA graceful tobacco which can grow very tall, thus the name tree. They can grow up to 20 ft. Their flowers are bright yellow and are very striking against the blue foliage. Also makes a lovely garden specimen. Strictly not a smoking variety, but useful for reducing nicotine levels in any blend.

It is said to have very small quantities of nicotine. A wonderful tobacco which like Turkish is very useful for blending cigarette and pipe tobacco.

Burley Original

Burley Original Tobacco
Burley Original Tobacco

The original and popular commercial strain of burley tobacco makes a great addition to any garden.

It is used for its hardiness and smooth, rich flavor. Good for cigarette making. This variety grows fast and is a high yielding plant.