About Us

The Tobacco Seed Store began as a response to the anger among smokers over the ever increasing price of tobacco. There simply had to be an alternative to buying tobacco and growing ones own seemed to be the only solution.

Today, we are a world leader in the retail of tobacco seeds and serve people in over 90 countries worldwide, as well as universities, R & D, museums, and other private and public organisations.

At the Tobacco Seed Store we don’t sell any type of tobacco seed. We search out and find the best varieties for smokers and we find the most reputable tobacco farmers to source us. The best place to shop for tobacco seeds.

Our selection of seeds is the product of years of research and investigation into the most popular types of tobacco most favored by today’s smokers.

All seeds are guaranteed to be 100% virus free and have been certified by US and UK plant health inspectorates.

None of our tobacco seeds are Genetically Modified. Our seeds are chosen from only the most respected and reputable tobacco farmers or produced ourselves. All of our seeds are obtained via official channels; we obtain field inspection reports, phyto-sanitary certificates from the supplier and their seeds are inspected by our plant health officials.

Beware of cheaper imitations! There are seed merchants openly trading their seeds on the Internet with others who they do not know. As a specialist supplier, you are assured of receiving only the world’s very finest tobacco seed varieties, when you shop with us.

We undertake to dispatch your seeds within 24 hours of receiving your order. You can be assured your seeds will be with you within the week, wherever you live. If your seeds don’t reach you within 7-10 days, simply contact us to let us know and we’ll sort it out quickly. Your seeds will arrive in an unmarked white, window envelope and will be posted via Royal Mail. The seeds will be bubble-wrapped to protect them in transit, so they reach you in perfect condition.