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We offer you a truly impressive collection of tobacco seeds, carefully chosen with the smoker in mind.

Don’t throw away your money on costly, adulterated commercial tobacco. Grow your own.

Growing your own tobacco from seed may seem a bit extreme,  but let’s face it, the price of tobacco is never going down, is it?

How long can you go on paying for tobacco that can just as easily be produced at home for free?

Growing your own is not against the law, no matter where you live. And with free, easy to follow, step by step instructions, all you need to do is provide the garden!

“And if it don’t taste quite the ones you buy in the stores, remember you didn’t use the chemicals. they did”. However, that’s not to say that smoking your home grown tobacco, even if it’s organically grown tobacco, is any better for you than store bought tobacco.

Tobacco you buy contain chemicals; that make it burn quicker, that make it taste better, that gives you quicker  “hit” and preservatives as an added extra treat.