Storing Your Seeds

All of our seeds are purchased on a regular basis from reputable suppliers to ensure their quality and viability. They have germination rates of between 85-95% and can keep for many years.

If stored correctly, these tiny things can remain viable for up to 5 years or more. You can expect to loose 10% per year, so that after 5 years, you can still expect around 50% of them to grow. Providing of course they are stored properly.

If seeds like warm, light and moist conditions¬† to germinate, it won’t surprise you to hear they like the opposite for storage?

Keep them in a cold, dark and dry place and they’ll last for many seasons.¬† Seeds should not be kept in a freezer but a refrigerator instead, where the temperature is about 3 degrees.

You can keep those extra seeds we sent you for the following year by following these rules.