Cigarette Tobacco Seeds

Cigarette tobacco

There are so many cigarette tobacco seeds available, where does one start? Each has their own unique smell and taste. So how does one go about making their own cigarette?

It goes without saying therefore, that any cigarette should in fact be a blend of tobacco, rather than made up from just one type. You can find out a bit more about blending tobacco here. Some tobacco manufacturers boast their tobacco to be a blend of over 20 types! The good news is you don’t have to go that far.

Browse through our selection of cigarette tobacco seeds commonly found in cigarettes:

African Red     Argentinean      Banana Leaf     Big Gem    Black Sea Basma     Black Sea Samsun      Blue Tree Glaucia     Burley Original      Burley Dark      Catterton    Cherry Red     Connecticut Broad Leaf      Del Gold        Gold Dollar      Golden Burley    Green Brior    Harrow Velvet    Hickory Pryor     Isleta Pueblo     Kentucky 15     Lizard Tail Orinoco      Maryland    Mohawk Rustica      Monte Calme Blonde    NC 95   Original Wild Rustica    Oxford 207     Paris Wrapper    Shirey     Sherazi     Southern Beauty      Stag Horn    Turkish Bafra    Turkish Izmir      Virginia Gold Types   White Mammoth     Yellow Pryor 

As home growers, we will not discuss what manufacturers put into their cigarette tobacco!

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